Aussome Bucket List

Go nuts, then recover with Aussie

The Jury

The Jury consists of five true Aussie girls, all living life to the fullest, maximising the goodness in life. They are playful, true to heart, and quite uncomplicated. Just like Aussie.

That’s why we asked them to help us choose the nominees, and when it all comes to an end – the final winners. Want to impress them? Check out their best tip to get their attention!
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    Janni Deler

    “I love pictures that makes me feel something, happiness for example or just something that inspires me. Something different.”

  • jury-image

    Salem Indrias

    “I love creative pictures with a meaning, something that inspires me and makes me feel something, like happiness.”

  • jury-image

    Sara Vanninen

    “I love pictures that have a story behind them. I will definitely look up to happy, adventurous and artistic photos that have personality!”

  • jury-image

    Emilie Lilja

    “I will be looking for bold, fun photos. I hope to see a lot of photos of people doing wild stuff!”

  • jury-image

    Michelle Nielsen

    “For me, a great photo is all about capturing an atmosphere and having fun!”